Thursday, July 28, 2011

Teachers' Christmas Gifts

My husband and I have always given Christmas gifts to our children's teachers, as we are genuinely appreciative for all they do for them. We began by giving restaurant gift cards, primarily because they were so convenient during times in which we were either moving or had just brought home a new baby. However, it became clear that we needed to tone it down a bit, so that we could continue giving!

Last year I made all of our children's teachers (school, day care, and church) a hand soap dispenser with a personalized poem in it. It was easy and inexpensive, and I highly recommend it to everyone! I got the idea from which has lots of interesting project ideas. You are welcome to tailor the poem I wrote to meet your needs.

Today I was hopping from one blog to another, when I came upon an idea for this year's teachers' gifts. It is a beautiful framed monogram plaque made from crayons. I found it on Chic and Cheap Nursery and was so impressed that I wanted to bring it to your attention as soon as I could. Click here for the link. I am not the craftiest of  folks, but I did inherit the interest from my amazing mama. Like as not, she will end up helping me craft the first one and then send me on my way to do the others.

What have you given as teachers' gifts? Leave a comment!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Bumbling Blog Builder - No more!

Blog hosts, registries, domains, OH MY!

There once was a woman who decided to build a nice little blog that she could call her own. She'd become an avid follower of other blogs, all charming and witty or wise, and thought, "How wonderful it would be to have my own blog, where I could impart my wit and wisdom, maybe giveaway a blender or two!" She began her endeavor with gusto but quickly learned she was in way over her head.

I truly (naively) expected to find a step sheet via a search engine, but I became frustrated in the the mass of hits that were returned. As you can see, I did get as far as choosing the blog software I wanted to use and snagging what I think is a great name (ok--it was actually a devine revelation after days of torturous brainstorming). But I had many more questions than answers and resumed my searching. Finally, I stumbled upon a blogger named Metropolitan Mama (who doesn't know me from Adam). She offers a fabulous e-book that looks to be just what I need!

So, here we are. My first post on my freshly-made blog! Please drop in from time to time to check on its progress! I really do anticipate being able to impart SOME form of wisdom, wit, or charm!

Did you have any favorite resources that helped you build your blog? Please leave a comment telling me about them...