Monday, July 29, 2013

FREE Books & Bibles with Tyndale Rewards

As FlyBy Promotions Blogger, I was recently invited to share the Tyndale Rewards points program with you. I was able to register and earn 85 points in about an hour (might have been 15 minutes, but I was also getting my son ready to send to camp). That's enough for a FREE book! Read more about it below, and see if it's something you'd like to join, too.

Tyndale Rewards
"The Tyndale Rewards program is designed to provide you with opportunities to get books and Bibles for zero dollars. That’s right—F. R. E. E. As a member of the Tyndale Rewards program, you’ll have access to inspiring literature, Bibles, special promotional offers, and much more.

Other member incentives include a free gift on your birthday, along with opportunities to share your personal recommendations and feedback concerning Tyndale products. The more participation you have with the program, the more points you earn—and points translate into free stuff!

The Tyndale Rewards program is a great way to get free books and Bibles that you can keep for yourself or give to friends and family. Your journey to earning free faith-based products is here!"
Earning Points
Points can be earned in multiple ways:
  1. Sign up at Tyndale Rewards: You'll receive 10 points for simply doing that, and, during the FlyBy promotion (through August 30), I'll receive an entry into a contest for a Kindle Fire as the referring blogger.
  2. Refer your friends Under the "Earn Points" tab, you can "Get Your Code." It's actually a link that takes your friends to the Tyndale House website AND lets the website know that you sent them. I used my code in the link above, but I could also simply email it to my friends. Each friend who signs up using your link gets 25 points, and you’ll receive 10 points for each friend that uses your link.  There is no cap on the amount of points you can generate through referring friends to signup.
  3. Complete Surveys: Currently, you there are two available to earn 10 points each.
  4. Subscribe to newsletters: For up to 10 points.
  5. Join a Focus Group: 25 points for joining, plus more for every survey you complete.
  6. Join the Birthday Club: For 15 points.
  7. Review Tyndale products: Submit posts of your reviews for up to 50 points per month.
  8. Share on Facebook, Twitter or your blog: For up to 50 points per month.

Redeeming Points
"Log in to your account on to see how many points you have collected in your account. Next, browse the product available for redemption. If you find a product you like and you have accumulated enough points, click the “Redeem” button. Your Points will never expire!"
After earning my points, I clicked "Browse" and found that I had enough to get books like these...

But I decided to save my points so I could one day get a Bible like one of these...

I hope you're blessed with this information. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Protect Your Computer and Your Children From Each Other


Imagine my surprise to find that my 4 year old was bypassing the games bookmarks on the toolbar I'd set up just for her and going straight to Google to find her own instead! Who knew the girl could spell??? I knew she could read her name and our names, but G-A-M-E-S???

Shortly after this incident, malware was detected no our computer. Even though I can't tell who's responsible for downloading it, I decided to find a way to keep the children from unintentionally downloading anything. An online search led me to Family Safety Filter by Microsoft Windows. The program is FREE and sets up safeguards to keep children from viewing unsuitable content and your computer from being damaged by innocent or intentional downloads.

"Parents can approve or block websites and contacts, set time limits, choose game and program restrictions and get online activity reports on the Family Safety website."

Microsoft provides instructions and more information at, but the basic directions are: 

1. Download Family safety from the Windows website.

2. Set up a Microsoft account as the monitoring parent.

3. Find the program in your Programs list, open it and sign in.

4. (This is where the tutorial sort of abandoned me, and I only vaguely remember how I muddled through, but I'll try to walk you through) I believe you have to add each child as a standard user to your computer (Control Panel>Users...) before the filter can add it. It sort of "finds" the users you already have set up on your computer and then lets you choose from the list. In our house, we only need one account that all of the children can use. It doesn't need a password and the settings I applied are good for all three of my babies. Make sure the box is checked to indicate it's being monitored.

If your children know YOUR password, you need to change it and guard it close to your heart and away from your children. While you're there, make sure you have your Guest user turned OFF.

5. Click on the link for setting up at and select the account you want to monitor

6. Set up all your preferences! The most important setting in our case was the box for "Block file downloads from the web" under "Web Filtering." But you can also limit their time on the web, set up curfew times, limit gaming ratings, and more.

We've been using the program for a couple of months, and I'm really happy with the results. By the way, I'm not affiliated in any way with Microsoft Windows. I just wanted to let my readers know that this seems to be a great answer to a concern that many parents have. 

Children's Sermon: The Hokey Pokey & The Body of Christ

This children's sermon, based on 1 Corinthians 12:27, relates the passage to the children's song, "The Hokey Pokey." The website also has a coloring page to print for the children.

Title: "The Body of Christ"

Source: Sermons for Kids

Scripture Reference: 1Corinthians 12:27

Supplies Needed: None

Lesson: (see link)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Children's Sermon: Let Your Light Shine

In searching for a children's sermon about John 15:5, I came across this wonderful one based on the song, "This Little Light of Mine!" The website even has related resources you can print and use!

Title: "The True Vine"

Source: Sermons for Kids

Scripture Reference: John 15:5

Supplies Needed: lamp, electricity

Lesson: (see link)

Monday, July 15, 2013

PineCone Research Accepting Memberships!

I'm excited to share with you that, for a limited time, PineCone research is accepting referrals for membership! I've tried many other survey sites, some good, others awful (see Survey Police for more info), and this is my favorite one! If you'd like a referral, please use my "Contact Me" form (see above), and I'll send you the link a.s.a.p.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Online Plus Size Clothing

As we've never met, you should know that I'm a 5'2", 195 pound fashionably-challenged woman. Between my lack of style, extra curves, and the limitations of my wallet, it's no wonder that I usually don't enjoy shopping for clothes.

But when I do find myself in the market and mood to shop, I often turn to the internet. Most product descriptions include reviews from real women (that's a bit debated on other items, such as appliances and electronics, but I think these are true reviews) that help weed out things that probably wouldn't work for me. They soften share their measurements, and I can compare mine to theirs.Another advantage is that I can normally find online coupon codes through sites like to save money on my purchases!

Recently, I've decided that I'd look just lovely in a chevron maxi-dress, and I'm eager to buy one. As expected, I'm having a difficult time finding one in a size 18. No, that's no true...there are plenty out there, but when I hold them up to me, a pile of fabric puddles on the floor around me. I know it's a MAXI dress, but how many 6'6" women are out there? All I know is that uber tall girls are in luck this season!

So, I'm looking for a maxi dress...chevron pattern...size 18...petite length...affordable. It's the proverbial needle in a haystack. While I don't mind looking, it would be nice if I didn't have to look for the haystacks, too! I mean, it would be great to have a list of plus size retailers in one spot, so I could just go from haystack to haystack, right? Well, let's just make one!

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated in any way with the retailers on this list. I can't attest to their ethics, reliability, product quality or value, or delivery practices. "There's no guarantee, expressed or implied." "Buyer beware!" "Enter at your own risk!" (sigh) Now...

I'll get us started with a few retailers who either specialize or simply carry plus-size clothing. Please add any that you like to the linky by clicking "You are next... Click here to enter" at the bottom or by leaving a comment with information for me to add. Thanks and enjoy!