Monday, April 1, 2013

Weight Loss Update - Their way, Her way, MY way

Well, I've finally begun losing weight again, but I have to confess I'm not doing it Nicole's way. By the way, Nicole is on a different journey now - SHE'S PREGNANT!

Overweight my whole life (the smallest adult size I've ever been was a short-lived size 12), I've tried many weight-loss methods over the past four decades. Many of them have taught me things I'd never have realized without them. Despite their differences, they almost always had two things in common...they were based on some form of the premise "eat less, move more," and they ALL WORKED, as long as you remained on the program. However, at this stage in my life, I'm having a hard time maintaining any particular set of rules. 

For that reason, I've decided to do it my way. What is that exactly? Ummm, well, so far it's just eating less. For example, at mealtimes, I'm trying to eat less than anyone else. To be honest, this isn't always easy, and I am asking the Lord to help me make good choices. I am not convinced that He'd have us all be thin, but I know He doesn't want me to be a glutton!

At this point, I'm just not motivated to drink lots of water or to walk on my treadmill or keep a food diary or anything else that works for others (and has at one time or another worked for me, as well). Nor am I inclined to make myself vulnerable to the guilt that accompanies my inability to follow through. One day at a time, with a little less food than before is enough for now. I'll keep you updated. Have a blessed day!

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