Thursday, May 17, 2012

Aardvark Strainer Giveaway & Review (Giveaway Closed)

Want to add more fruits and veggies to your family's diet? Or maybe you'd rather indulge in a premium root beer float? Either way, the Aardvark Multi-Purpose Strainer can meet these needs and many more! Developed as a way to make a perfect root beer float, the company has found that it's perfect for many other uses, as well. We decided to try it out by making yummy root beer floats and by preparing a healthy snack of fresh strawberries.




Trial 1: A Perfect Root Beer Float

When I was growing up, my daddy often had me prepare root beer floats. He still makes them for us when we visit, so now my children are fans of root beer floats too! For that reason, we were more than happy to test the Aardvark Strainer. We performed a side-by-side comparison of a float made the conventional way (Glass A) with a float made using the strainer (Glass B).

We set up the Aardvark Strainer, 2 glasses, room temperature soda, vanilla ice cream, and an ice cream scoop.

We placed ice cream in Glass A and the Aardvark Strainer, filled with ice cubes, in Glass B. The Aardvark Strainer is so slender that it fits in just about any container. The holes end about half-way up, so anything you pour through it will not spray out above the container.

We poured soda in each glass. We were unable to place as much soda in Glass A as we did in Glass B due to froth overflow. Remember that Glass B has no ice cream in it yet, so the main thing to notice at this point is the difference in froth.

We removed the strainer and added ice cream to Glass B. Quite noticeably, Glass A looks like it's been through a whirlwind, while Glass A looks so neat! You can also see that more ice cream has melted in Glass A than in Glass B.

So, how did they taste?

Conventional Float
  • Froth was overflowing
  • Much of the ice cream had softened or melted, creating a creamy root beer mixture
  • Root beer was barely cool, at best, and that even varied from sip to sip.
"Aardvark" Float
  • Less froth
  • Very little ice cream melted, even to the last drink, causing there to be much more distinct root beer flavor
  • Root beer was COLD

Trial 2: Preparing Fresh Fruits & Veggies

The next time you need to rinse the Tommy-toes for your toddler, the grapes for your girls, or the blueberries for your boys, wouldn't you rather do it this way?

Since using the Aardvark Strainer, I've found that I'm serving my family more fruit and vegetables. I love how easy it is to toss berries into the strainer, rinse them, and pour them into a cup. My preschooler used it recently to wash the vegetables for our salad. It's size is very manageable for her small hands! 

The Bottom Line

At a cost of only $9.99 (plus shipping), the Aardvark is an economical way to meet many of the needs in your kitchen. The claims were found to be true in our trials, and we will continue to enjoy using it in the future, especially to prepare healthy snacks for my children and myself.

To find out more about this product, visit or visit their Facebook page.

The Giveaway

Enter below to win 2 Aardvark Strainers (ARV $19.98)! That's one for yourself PLUS one for a friend!

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I love the stainer. I guess I would have to go with the yellow over the green. I wish they had blue and I would have bought one. Very neat idea!

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I like the green strainer, it would match my kitchen!

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i like the green strainer

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The green strainer.

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The Aardvark Strainer
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Aardvark Multi-Purpose Strainer.

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I would go with the green Aardvark strainer! Would even match my kitchen!
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