Sunday, February 17, 2013

Children's Sermon: Stitched by God's Design

When preparing for a children's sermon, I've come to expect that the Holy Spirit will lead me to use an object or topic that's prominent in my life at the time. I've recently begun crocheting (I'm SUCH a beginner!), and I felt led to tie that into my children's sermon this week. 

Title: God Designed You  

Source: This was inspired by posts at Pro Life Unity

Scripture Reference: Psalm 139:13 “You knit me together in my mother’s womb”

Supplies Needed: A piece of unfinished crochet work, with skein and needle.

Lesson: Do you know what this is (demonstrate the crochet work)? This is called crocheting. A while back, I saw a picture of a scarf and wanted to make one just like it. So, I printed out the directions and began to follow them. Every time I work on it, I imagine how the scarf will look when I finish it. I think about about what I'll where it with and the different ways I could tie it. I am very excited to make this scarf!

There's another kind of needlework called knitting, and the Bible tells us something very interesting about that word. It says in Psalm 139:13 that God knit you and me together before we were born. The Bible uses the picture of someone putting working threads together like this to help us imagine how, while we were still in our mommies' tummies, God worked all our different parts together exactly how He wanted then to be: our hair color, our eyes, what we'd be good at, and many other things.

Now what God did with each of us may be kind of like what I did with this scarf, but He did some things I could never do. Remember how I had to see a picture of another scarf and then make one like it? He didn't have to do that. He thought of us before He started putting us together, and then He made each one of us different from anyone else. That makes us very special. Also, remember how I had to follow directions to make my scarf? God didn't need that kind of help. He's so powerful and creative that He creates without directions. 

Let's thank Him: Lord, we are amazed at how you put us together while we were still in our mommies' tummies. Thank you for loving us before you even made us and for taking care of us even now. We pray tat you would keep safe all the babies that you're knitting together now and that we would love them because you made them special.


Honeybee Gabriel said...

what a beautiful reminder. Thanks for sharing.


Mikki said...

Thanks! Until I got rather serious about crochet, I'd never really reflected on this truth!

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