Friday, January 27, 2012

Have a Boxer? Please advise!

Meet our new fur baby! We found him, wet and cold, on our back porch last Saturday. I took him to the vet, and his owner was found, via his microchip. I delivered him home only to find out, to my joy, that he needed a new home! After praying about the situation (we'd never had an "inside" dog), my husband felt that he was meant to be ours, and we brought him home to our house.

I can't tell you how cool this dog is, but I'll certainly try...
  • Boxer (I grew up with this breed in my home, and they have my heart)
  • neutered (making him very cool and calm) My husband says he has "peace like a river :)
  • microchipped
  • crate-trained (Good thing! Been there, done that, and was a miserable failure at it)
  • SWWWWWEEEET personality (The vet said he was an outlier - boxers are sweet tempered anyway, but he is extraordinarily so)
We do need to train a little, though, and I am out of practice. I haven't had a Boxer in 20 years! He needs to learn how to be pleasant on a leash, and he needs to learn not to jump on us. I realize that we're the ones that really need the training :) No matter, if you have any boxer advice, I'd appreciate hearing it.


Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

I am so happy for you and your new family member! I have two boxers and I love them. Remember because they are short snouted thecannot maintain their body temps very well and easily overheat in the summr and get too cold in the winter! I would just put him on a leash every day and if he pulls, pull back gently say no, make him sit, then start again. Lather, Rinse. Repeat. Best of luck and congratulations again!

Mikki said...

Thanks Sarah! The night we met, he kept putting his muzzle under my arm. My mom said that was because he was tryign to get warm. Your explanation helps me understand that better now!

Shari@Rain into Rainbows said...

Aww, congrats on the new pup! We love ours to pieces. Nothing beats having a pet (or two. or three...)!