Friday, August 5, 2011

Fashion Friday (...who am I kidding)

On a good day, my shoes match each other. On a great day, they actually match my clothes. I am NOT fashion-oriented. Though I desire to be, I'm simply not able to match styles, colors, etc. My Daddy said I even had difficulty matching socks when I was younger. Is there any hope? Well, yes, indeed there is!

Allow me to introduce you to Missus Smarty Pants, a website written by a woman who knows, really knows fashion. She offers, by subscription, services to help women understand and embrace their body shape and coloring. Understanding what colors and styles look good on you results in happy and efficient shopping trips!

Each week, she sends an email to me with pictures of pieces that would look good on my body type, all from a particular store. The stores vary from Target to Talbots and almost everywhere in between. So every size, shape, and budget can be accommodated! But the best part is that she actually puts together an outfit or two from the pieces recommended that week. PRAISE THE LORD! Finally, I have some help! While I am not often able to just get online and order my stylish combination, I do print and save it until I do go shopping.

For the past two years, my subscription to Missus Smarty Pants has paid for itself by saving me time. Knowing which colors or styles suit me helps me go through racks of clothes confidently and quickly and prevents me from spending tome trying on things that were doomed from the start!

Now, just one thing: If you're a "Delightful D" shape, like I am, and you subscribe, do let me know. We'll need to do a little planning, so we don't meet each other in the same outfit :)


Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

Following you back. Looking forward to getting to know you.... I always love meeting new Christians here in bloggy land.

Mom4Real said...

That sounds fantastic! Being short, I have trouble making things look right. Thanks for the follow, following back! Your blog is super cute!

Jessica K

Random Mommy said...

That sounds like a great site, and probably very helpful!

I'm following you back. :)

Live*Laugh*Love said...

I am a new follower on your page please follow me back thanks so much have a great day :)

Mikki said...

So good to meet you Live*Laugh*Love and thanks for following! Going to visit your site now...