Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Schoolwork Gallery

I saw this idea on another site and thought it was an attractive and inexpensive way to display my children's schoolwork. Here's how I made them...

I needed three clipboards (one per child) and found these for about $1.50 each at Wal-Mart. I covered the hardware with masking tape.

I then spray painted the clipboards. I took this picture after a couple of coats in honor of my mother, who's told me a MILLION times that I should always, ALWAYS prime before I paint. Sure enough, I could almost hear slurping sounds as the boards drank that paint right up. For a second or two I actually thought of stopping and priming before going on, but who has time for that??? So I just sprayed and sprayed and sprayed...

When I removed the tape, I noticed that I had missed a few spots, but it wasn't a big deal because there will always be something covering most of the board anyway. I used clear Command hooks to mount the boards to my wall. Loving that self-portrait of my daughter in the center!


Victoria's Voice said...

Great idea!

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Momma T said...

This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing! Following you from the Thursday hop. Would love for you to stop by when you have a moment =)

Vicky said...

What a fabulous idea! I love how you can change it up and how the kids can look for their own work. I am pinning this!

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Jessica Allen said...

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