Tuesday, August 9, 2011

From Laundry Room to Baby's Bath

After emptying the laundry detergent bottle, I was curious to see if anyone had found an afterlife for one. An online search produced this: a better water pourer (from my personal dictionary) for bathtime! As you can see, my little one doesn't care for water in her face, so she takes several precautions, such as moving as far away from the water source as possible and covering her face with a washcloth. This gadget was a great addition to our bathtime because it made a wider flow than a cup, and the handle was easier to manage than a pitcher.

What uses have you found for empty laundry detergent bottles? 


Mary said...

My grandmother uses it to water her plants and also uses them to plant her plants in. She gave me some that she had cut the top part off so it would be ready for me to use but I haven't used it for anything yet, I might just have to use it during the kids' bath time tonight.

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It's a Sun Kissed Life

Mikki said...

I just KNEW there had to be more ways to use this! I don't have a green thumb, but I just may try that next spring.

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