Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sanity-Saving Discipline - Part 2

In the first post in this series, I explained our family's House Rules and provided a link to them. Now let me share how we use our Daily Consequence Chart (not-so-affectionately known as "The Chart" in our house).

Our chart is an adaptation of a nicely laminated If/Then Chart I purchased from a couple of years ago. For our family, several changes were necessary, and you can click here to see what we use.

On our chart, HR stands for House Rule, so it is referring to the our family's House Rules sheet. Each child has their own vinyl folder that holds everything they need to complete consequences that require writing. It actually has a page protector front and back, so I have a copy of "the chart" in the front pocket and a copy of the House Rules in the back pocket for easy reference.

This is by far the best discipline tool that I have ever used. It aligns specific misbehaviors to scripture, states clear consequences, and provides a space to place the child's initial under the day of the week. Here's how I use it:

1. I run a copy (I run it on the reverse side also, making one sheet last two weeks).
2. I post it on the refrigerator.
3. As a misbehavior occurs, I tell the offender to meet me at the chart. There, I remind them of the scripture that applies and mark their initial beside it, under the appropriate day of the week.
3. I administer the first consequence.
4. For each recurring offense, I mark the chart and move to the next consequence.

Sometimes extenuating factors (being sick, tired, hungry, angry, etc.) lead to a rash of bad behavior. During those times, it's be best to put the chart aside and regroup. Still, I can hardly describe how much this tool has benefitted both me and my children in dealing with poor behavior!


Amanda said...

Love the chart! I love how you deal with the heart of the behavioral issue with Scripture!

Mikki said...

I'm so glad I found it! Nothing better than God's Word to guide us as we train our babies. Thanks for dropping by me nest ;)