Friday, December 23, 2011

Barely Homemade Cookie Recipes: Quick and Easy

Christmas baking got pushed to the last minute this year! Blessedly, I found these recipes on Pinterest that made preparing Christmas treats a breeze and provided great fun as my 3 year old and I made them. I was too rushed to manage a "photo shoot," but you can click the link below the pictures to go to the recipes.


Ok, I've renamed these in honor of my Grandma Bonnie! On many a road trip, the following scene would unfold...
  1. At the initial fill-up, Grandma would go into the convenience store and purchase a fairly large assortment of snacks.
  2. Once the trip began, she'd dig out a snack, perhaps salt and vinegar potato chips. After munching a while, she'd put them away and enjoy the scenery.
  3. Within 15 minutes or so, she'd say, "I need something sweet to get this salty taste out of my mouth," and she'd dig in her little treasure store for some candy. Eventually, she'd pack it up and resume sightseeing.
  4. Shortly thereafter, we'd hear her say, "I need something salty to get this sweet taste out of my mouth."
It was quite humorous to us! Oh, how I love her. Anyway, I was thinking as I made these that no matter which end she starts eating, her snacking needs are covered! I can hardly wait to share these with her!


I'm afraid I've given away the secret to these barely homemade cookies! Please click the picture (here and on Pinterest when it takes you there) so that the author of the original post gets credit. One bag of Rolos made over 4 dozen cookies! I advise placing the newly-made cookies in the frig until they harden back up. Way too good and way too easy!

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