Thursday, December 1, 2011

50 lbs in 3 Months: Nicole's DIY Weight-Loss Plan

My friend, Nicole is a real inspiration, having lost 50 pounds in approximately three months! This is her story.

Nicole's weight problem was primarily the result of the emotional toll of four miscarriages. The weight eventually affected her mobility and caused foot pain. Her doctor advised that she wear foot braces to deal with the problem and indicated that surgery may be inevitable. Dissatisfied with either option, she decided to see if losing weight would help alleviate the problem.

I was under the impression that  Nicole had followed a plan prescribed by her doctor, but it turns out that she did this all by herself. She decided to apply the same guidelines she used feeding her daughter to feeding herself. She thought, "If I wouldn't allow my daughter to eat half of a bag of Oreos, then I probably shouldn't either."

Here are the nuts and bolts of her program:
  • PORTION CONTROL: She serves herself her meals on her daughter's toddler's plates in order to control the portion sizes.
  • WATER, WATER, and more WATER: She tries to drink a glass of water before each meal. She also fights temptations by drinking water and sips between each bite.
  • FRUITS & VEGGIES: While not limited to fruits and vegetables, she allows herself to eat as much of them as she likes.  
  • CUT IT OFF AT 6 PM: She stops eating around 6 PM.
  • INDULGE ON LIMITED OCCASIONS: She allows herself to eat a small portion of her favorite indulgences on occasion.
  • NO EXERCISE: She isn't adamant about this, but did mention that her weight loss occurred without additional exercise.
Nicole has lost over 50 pounds in the last three months. She no longer has trouble walking and enjoys being more active with her daughter. She's very humble about the entire experience and only discusses it if asked. I truly wish that you could have seen the radical metamorphosis my colleagues and I have witnessed. Using what little I knew about the plan before this interview, I have lost 3 pounds, and that was over Thanksgiving! Now that I know the entire "program," I am looking forward to letting the weight melt off me too :)


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a great program. Portion control is such a huge issue for me, and many others that struggle to control their weight. I find it hard to imagine losing 50 pounds in 3 months without exercise, but anything is possible!

{K} said...

Great tips!! Thanks for sharing!! 50 lbs in 3 months is awesome! I really need to start drinking more water.

NinaLaZina said...

I think the stop eating by 6pm or 6.30 latest is a great help. I find when I do this as well as some form of exercise I am able to maintain my weight.

CJAYMom said...

Thank you for this post. I am looking to lose about 45 lbs and this helps me know it is very possible to do on my own. I will be following you closely and supporting you while working on my own weight loss.

Mikki said...

You're giving me some added accountability, which I've needed. We can do this!

Olivia Princess said...

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