Monday, November 28, 2011

Flock Together Blog Hop 11/29

Flock Together
Welcome to the Flock Together Tuesday Blog Hop!

No rules! Plus, this week we're going to list each blog as a button. Don't worry - you DON'T NEED to have a button to participate! Linky Tools will create one for you in a couple of easy steps. Simply...
  1. Click on "Click here to enter" at the bottom of this post and follow the Linky Tools directions. In step 4, I recommend selecting "Auto Crop" and "From Web."
  2. Click through the other blogs and follow of the ones you love in whatever manner you prefer (RSS, GFC, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Kindly pass on the ones you don't.

If this is all new to you, click here. If your goal is to find friends and gain followers, may I recommend that you also:
  • Set a goal to find and follow a minimum number of blogs that interest you.
  • Check back throughout the day to visit late entries that just may be your cup of tea.
  • Leave a comment if you follow, and follow back those who follow you.
This week's "Fine Feathered Friend" and guest host:
I'm a 38 year old married mum of 4 fab kids who loves to run and if I work hard enough maybe one day I will be good at it. I blog about my life, my family, running, all other exercise, special events, holidays, food, cakes and healthy treats, races I do and my kids do, fashion, shoes, making things from old clothes to make something new, make-up. fun, vintage, ups, downs, my new interest in photography, baking and anything else that happens along the way :)
She truly hits on a wide variety of topics, and I enjoy reading her posts! I hope you will  visit this blog and consider becoming a follower! READ MORE >>

For a chance to be next week's "Fine Feathered Friend" and guest host, please help spread the word by:
  • Publish a post on your blog about joining this blog hop. You can even post this blog hop on your blog by using the linky code at the bottom of the list.
  • AND/OR place my "Flock Together Tuesday Blog Hop" button to your blog (grab it from the right margin of this blog).
  • Each week you do one of these, be sure to leave a comment below, so I'll know from whom to choose this week!

Note: If you see empty boxes with red x's instead of pictures in the linky, try clearing your cache (Go to Tools > Internet Options > Under the General tab and Browsing History section, click "Delete" and then check Temporary Internet Files and then Delete).


Angela said...

The button now resides on the right hand side of my blog. :) Thanks for hosting this hop, have a great week!

Clairejustine said...

Thank you for hosting and for picking me as guest host :) the hop is now post on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

I am a newbie, thank you for hosting! I am following you an would love for you to come by my blog. :-) Have a fabulous day!!

Brooke said...

Back again this week! I have a great cookbook giveaway going on at my blog for anyone who likes to cook and eat healthy :)


3yesha said...

Hi, this is 3yesha from She Exists
Following you with google connect, hope you would love to connect with me.

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