Friday, November 25, 2011

"THIS PICTURE LIED!" & what I'm doing about it

"There's no way I'm that fat fluffy" -my immediate thought when I saw this picture from last week. Apparently what I see in the mirror is not reality.

This isn't new to me. I've been overweight all my life, ranging as an adult from a size 12 to a size 20. I lost weight before meeting my first husband, gained it when he was diagnosed with cancer and later passed, lost it while single again and a newlywed, gained it during two pregnancies, lost it when my children became more independent, and gained it during my third pregnancy.

I've been sensing for quite some time that I need to lose the weight. I miss feeling lighter - something you probably can't understand unless you've been both fat AND being thin(ner). I miss wearing some of my favorite clothes. I miss the ease with which you can find clothes that fit when you're thin. I miss having energy and being able to move with ease, especially when I interact with my children.

  1. Follow Nicole's lead. My friend, Nicole, has lost 50 pounds in 3 months without subscribing to any particular program - simply under a doctor's care. I'm going to interview her soon to let you know exactly how she did it. The main points were PORTION CONTROL and WATER.
  2. Post the Tattle Ticker. Did you notice the weight loss ticker in the right margin of my main page? I am fairly confident that publishing my weight on this blog will provide a little more inspiration to stick to it :) I got the idea from one of you when I visited your blog. I remember thinking how odd it was that you had done that, but I think I get it now :) One thing to note is that I only set a winter goal. I seem to do better with short and doable goals.
  3. Seek God's Help. I can testify that God will take care of the things that concern us when we concern ourselves with seeking Him.
I'm a little bit nervous ablout sharing this with you, but I believe there might be others of you who can understand how I feel. Wanna go on this journey together? I'd love to hear from you.


D.D. said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I am your newest follower. I look forward to reading more. Have a great day!

Angela said...

Thanks for stopping by and following, and thanks for this post. I have never seen the little ticker, and am just beginning to work on my own weight loss. I back up to 200. I'm tall enough that 165-170 works ok for me. I will be watching for that post on your friend. Thanks for following, I'm tracking with you too now. :)

Good Girl Gone Green said...

Good luck with you weight loss! Remember leafy greens and veggies in general contain fiber,trust me eat lots of those and the weight will fall off. Before I was pregnant I was 135, not fat just a little chubby. I was 162 at the end of my pregnancy. My daughter is 13 months, worked out, ate a vegan diet and raw food,I am about 117. Last time I weighed this was in high school. I eat veggies like they are going out of style, I have a juicer and I make juice everyday.I also have at least one veggie/fruit smoothie a day! I just wanted you to know weigh loss can happen!!! Looking forward to ready about your success!!!:) :)

{K} said...

What a great post!! Good luck with your weight loss journey! I just realized this evening when I weighed myself that I am 30-40 lbs overweight. I've already started dieting. Maybe I should put a ticker up on my blog too. :)

Mikki said...

I knew the ticker would provide incentive to stay with the program, but I didn't even think about how much your encouragement would mean to me! I think I need you :)

Lap Dog Knits said...

Wow, first off...when I opened your blog just now - I thought, "she's very pretty",,,never did I see "weight",,,but that said,

I've had a husband with cancer - I lost weight, he recovered...I gained weight...

every decade I get older - I enter a new weight on the scale, so, yesterday, today and from now on...I'm walking daily.

I'm not quite there with you to publish my weight but I'll be your cheerleader to loose yours!!

Mikki said...

Hey Lap Dog Knits! It's so good to hear from you :) Wish I were closer and we could walk together. Take care and thanks for cheering me on!

BellaVida said...

Good luck :)

NinaLaZina said...

Going up and now in weight cannot be good for you. I suppose you have to know your triggers and from what you write you know what your troggers are. At least you know that and can do something about it. Good luck and keep on track. Eat little and often. Try a light soup before your meals as it is filling and makes you eat less. When you are down , find an activity that takes you away from food or at least one that makes you burn calories so you can go ahead and eat more! Thank you for your visit.
Speak Soon.

Fifi @ AboutBloggingTime! said...

I'm gonna have to follow your friends method too!! I really need to lose some weight as well. Me wanting to have a baby has been one of my motivations recently. I want to be healthy. I'm gonna have to get a ticker as well. Good Luck on your weight loss journey!

New follower, looking forward to more of your posts!