Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm not going to CHURCH - I'm going to WORSHIP!

"It's cold out."   "I'm tired."
"I don't like the songs they sing."
"I went last week."    "I'll go next week."

Ever had these thoughts invade your mind and heart on Sunday morning?
Listen to this humorous song about the subject...

Seriously, giving in to these thoughts takes us down a slippery slope. One Sunday turns into a year of them, and one day you realize you're spiritually "cold" and "tired."

Christians need each other for fellowship. Check out this story about being warm that was in my devotional this morning (page 106 from John Macarthur's The Ultimate Priority)...

One thing that has helped me resist the excuses is to remember that I'm not going to church, I'm going to WORSHIP. Yes, you can and should worship continually, no matter where you are, but as indicated above, corporate worship blesses us. So when I think about excuses as keeping me away from worship, they don't hold as much sway. In fact, I'm better able to see that they originate either from the adversary or from my flesh, and I'm not to serve either one of them!

Go worship with your church family today. If you don't have one, ask God to connect you to the one He has planned for you. I'm praying for you to go get spiritually warm today :)

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