Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Exciting (at least for me) Changes for Flock Together 11/29

The Flock Together Tuesday Blog Hop will soon celebrate its two month anniversary! It has been so much fun meeting people from across the world as well as finding new friends in my own "backyard." And now...some exciting new changes that I think you'll enjoy!
  1. NO MORE RULES. Hoppers will no longer be "required" to follow the host and guest host. HOPEFULLY, all participants will still follow a minimum number each week.
  2. BUTTON LINKIES for all! I'm going to try a button linky for the 11/29 hop. That means that folks will click on an image representing your blog to reach you. If you don't have your own button already made, DON'T WORRY! When you link up, Linkytools will locate all of the pictures from your blog and allow you to select which one you want to be your button for the blog. It's really easy to do, and I think you'll really like it!
Hope to see you at the hop on Tuesday!

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Brooke said...

Nice image of train tracks.