Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dr. Seuss Classroom Ideas: Parades, costumes, and resources

Dr. Seuss Parade 2012

Dr. Suess Parade
Each year on Read Across America day, our school has an afternoon parade to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday. Classes select their favorite Dr. Seuss book to portray, and we play fun music over the intercom. Onlookers are encouraged to cheer for those in the parade, who smile and give the queenly wave all along the route. It's a lot of fun! Here are some great ideas that our teachers have given us from the past parades:   
  • Dress students in simple, similar costumes (possibly just matching the colors of the illustrations in the book, which were often limited to a few colors).
  • Have a few large props related to the book or have everyone carry small, everyday items related to the story.
  • Think about the storyline and “act out” a small but important event at some point along the route.
See this post about costume ideas. Plus...

If I ran the Zoo:
1. Gerald McGrew: striped pants, black men’s coat, white button down shirt, red necktie, red police hat
2. Persian prince: baggy pants, genie shoe covers, white shirt, dark vest, turban, mustache
3. Cook: white shirt, black bow tie, black pants, white apron, chef’s hat (make this one)
Please Try to Remember the First of Octember: Main Character wears blue jeans, red/white striped shirt, blonde short wig.

Dr. Seuss’s ABC
1. Aunt Annie: Big hat, white wig, spectacles, fluffy dress, pumps (and an alligator if you can manage it)
2. Barber: mustache, white lab coat, Yellow bow tie, black pants
3. King: crown, beard/mustache, robe, fur collar
4. Little Lola Lopp: Green dress, yellow wig, black shoes
5. Policeman: blue hat, blue coat, blue pants, yellow badge
6. Queen: crown, pearls, yellow wig, pink robe, fur collar, pumps
7. Rosy Robin Ross: Braided hair with a bow, plaid shirt, blue jeans, boots

I Can Read with my Eyes Shut, The Cat in the Hat,  or The Cat in the Hat Comes Back: Try this Cat in the Hat costume or this one.

Green Eggs and Ham: Sam wears a tall red hat and yellow clothes (gown, long t-shirt, etc.) and carries a platter with green eggs and ham. 

Sleep Book: Red footed PJ’s

How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Cindy Lou Who (1), Cindy Lou Who (2), Cindy Lou Who (3), or dress as the Grinch in green hair, face and hands, and wear a Santa Suit and fake monster teeth (saw this on the web- great idea, huh?)

More Ideas
I'd love to read about and see pictures of your Seuss festivities and ideas. Please leave comments and links below!


Mrs. Nerdy said...

We just made Oobleck this week, from Bartholmew and the Oobleck.

Here is my post:

Eric VanRaepenbusch said...

Mikki, I love your ideas. We have been celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday at our house for the past few years. It is so much fun!

I invite you to stop by my blog and link up your post to help us celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday.

Brandi Yee said...

Oh that's so neat! Love those ideas! I'm a huge Dr. Seuss fan hehe

Mikki said...
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Mikki said...

@Brandy: glad you liked it :)

@Mrs. Nerdy: I pinned your post on my Seuss board. Thanks for sharing!

@Eric: WOW!!! Thanks for sharing! I linked up to your linky AND I edited this post to include your site. It is just fabulous :)

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