Monday, February 20, 2012

Nicole's Method: Weight Update #4

Beginning Weight/Date: 201 lbs on November 26, 2011

Current weight: 193.2

Current amount lost: 7.8 pounds

Last week's challenge: Commitment

Well, if you want to lose 50 pounds in a month 3 months (whoa Nellie!!! Sorry about that!) you better stick to Nicole's method. If you'd rather lose a pound a week, try Mikki's method. Let's review:

Nicole's method... 
  • PORTION CONTROL: She serves herself her meals on her daughter's toddler's plates in order to control the portion sizes.
  • WATER, WATER, and more WATER: She tries to drink a glass of water before each meal. She also fights head hunger by drinking water, and she sips between each bite.
  • FRUITS & VEGGIES: She allows herself to eat unlimited fruits and vegetables. 
  • CUT IT OFF AT 6 PM: She stops eating around 6 PM.
  • INDULGE ON LIMITED OCCASIONS: She allows herself to eat a small portion of her favorite indulgences on occasion.
  • NO EXERCISE: She isn't adamant about this, but did mention that her weight loss occurred without additional exercise.
Mikki's method (NOT recommended):
  • PORTION CONTROL: I've slacked off and begun serving myself "normal portions" as packaged, instead of reducing them.
  • WATER: I've successfully switched to drinking water with lemon at meals, with the exception of an occasional o.j. or milk. BUT, I've completely dropped off drinking water before meals, and I've not been sipping between bites.
  • FRUITS & VEGGIES: I certainly eat more of these, but I don't place an emphasis on it like I did before. 
  • CUT IT OFF AT 6 PM: I'm pretty good at this, but not as committed as I used to be. 
  • INDULGE: I don't go nuts like I've done in the past, and it's amazing how you lose food preferences and gain others as you go down this road! But again, I am not as committed as I used to be.
  • NO EXERCISE: No problem here, I am right on track ; 
Losing a pound a week has been nice and has required very little effort. However, I'd really like to do it a little faster. It's been helpful to revisit her plan, and I hope to be more committed this week.

Last week's success: My clothes fit differently.
I'm definitely noticing my clothes fitting differently. I haven't had to pull my pants to button them in a long time, and I'm eagerly anticipating wearing things I've had in the back of my closet for years.

What I'm learning:
This week I actually craved raw broccoli (with ranch dressing, of course), which is VERY weird for me. Is my body craving healthier food? Maybe it's because I don't really feel like I'm dieting, so I don't equate fruits/veggies with self-denial. They're just becoming normal.

By the way, if you can, I highly recommend getting in on a produce coop. I'm part of one and receive a bag full of produce every couple of weeks for $16. It blesses us by stocking my home with more produce than I normally would and by leading me to feel obligated to serve everything I receive in the bag.

Hope you have a great week!

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