Tuesday, June 12, 2012

No Sew DIY Dog Bed from Old Towels and Old Pillows

In searching for a DIY dog beg, I found some neat tutorials for using fleece. Having none, I decided to try the project with old beach towels and old pillows, and this was what I ended up with...

DIY Dog Bed from Old Beach Towels and Pillows

DIY Dog Bed Instructions

1. Gather your materials
  • 2 contrasting used beach towels
  • scissors
  • 2 old standard pillows
  • lawn size plastic bag

2. Lay the towels on top of each other, aligning the sides.

3. Cut 4" x 4" squares from the ends of ONE of the short sides of the towel set.

4. On the same short side, Cut strips through both towels, about 5/8" wide by 4" deep all the way to the end. Don't cut the other short side.

5. Lay both pillows (long side to long side) along the end of the cuts you've just made. This will show you where your stuffing will end. THAT'S where you should stop cutting strips on the long sides. Go ahead and cut strips (as in step 4) on both long sides, leaving a flap that begins where your pillows end.

6. Double tie the top and bottom strips as close to the end of the cut as possible on all three sides.

7. Place a pillow in the lawn bag, and drop the bag/pillow into your towel "case." Then place the other pillow in the bag. Cinch up the bag and tuck it in.

8. Tuck both towel flaps in the open end and smooth them out.

There...washable, waterproof and green (I recycled :). It was also inexpensive - ok, cheap! The only downside was that it's a MESSY project, so build in time to clean up little towel particles everywhere. You may want to do this outside or in a garage, so you can sweep or vacuum it all up quickly.

Let me know if you need clarification. I'll help as best I can. Now- off to clean up!


Casey said...

I love this!!! I am going to try this, hopefully I don't mess it up I notorious for messing things like this up no matter how easy they are

Mikki said...

So glad you like it. And, yes, you'll make some mistakes, as I did, but the mistakes are hard to spot on something like this! Send me a picture of yours!

Tricia Tennery said...

This looks awesome! Had never thought about making one from old stuff... we keep paying high prices for the ones that our boxer tears to shreds... So going to try this! Thanks!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Wow. This is a great idea. I have two dogs who will probably BOTH enjoy this!

I hopped over from the blog hop - liked you on facebook, too!


dog bed said...

very good

Anonymous said...
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Kelly (Our Everyday Harvest) said...

Perfect! My doxie has a habit of using his bed as a chew toy. I try sewing the holes up, but eventually it gets so bad and we end up replacing it.

I am going to try this next time. Thank you for sharing!

Kelly @ Our Everyday Harvest

Pet Bedding and Accessories Manufacturer said...

A pretty good way to recycle old and used towels. Kudos to your clever idea of making a dog bed over used towels!