Saturday, June 30, 2012

Unsubscribing to Feeds in Google Reader

I liked GFC...Google abandoned it.
I liked Google Reader...Google abandoned it.

For months now, I've felt like a Google refugee, off on a journey to find new products to replace those I liked so much. Google's answer is, "But now there's Google Plus! An even better product!" But the last thing I'm interested in doing is replacing yet another product that I like (Facebook) with Google's facsimile. At least I'm not bitter or anything ;)

Since the big switch to Google Plus, Google Reader hasn't allow users to permanently delete subscriptions. You could do it alright, but they'd be right back on your subscriptions list within a day or so. This was a big deal to me because when I began building my list of feeds, I was an avid coupon user. Having stopped couponing several months ago, it's now annoying to be alerted multiple times that there's a newly-released 50 cents coupon off Ziploc baggies.

In looking for alternatives to Google Reader, I found FeedDemon and am really happy with it the results! It's enabled me to copy all of my subscriptions from Google Reader and then unsubscribe from the ones that no longer interest me.
Here's how I kept my Google Reader subscriptions without Google Reader "resubscribing" to my "unsubscribes"...
  1. Download FeedDemon.
  2. Synchronize the account with your Google Reader account (Tools > Enable Synchronization, etc.).
  3. After it stops synchronizing, simply stop synchronizing (Tools > Options > Synchronization Options > Account > Remove Now > Yes > Okay).
  4. Now right click on the blogs you no longer want to follow and select "Unsubscribe." They'll STAY gone in FeedDemon :) 
  5. Enjoy using FeedDemon instead of Google Reader. I have!

  • I've no affiliation with any of the products mentioned in this post. This is simply an attempt to help anyone else in my shoes.
  • I'd never purposefully lead you to use something that would harm your computer, but I'm no expert. Use the information in this post at your own risk.


Having Fun said...

I haven't heard of feedDemon. But I'm not a google plus fan so I have to check into it. Thanks for the info. I've got to try it out.

Meryl said...

Looking forward to hopping - thanks for hosting. Have a great week and happy 4th!

Camille Griffiths said...

I agree, they need to stop switching things up on us. It takes me forever to get the hang of a new site. But the good thing about G+ is it's pretty easy to use. And you can have different circles. For example, you can have a circle for just coupon related friends, and when you want to search for coupons, click to look at the updates for that circle only.

Mikki said...

@Havng Fun: I hope it works well for you too :)
@Meryl: Happy 4th to you too! Thanks for hopping!
@Camille: I hadn't thought of that. It would be good to have a couponing circle. I still wonder how long it might be before Google Plus is abandoned for something new, though.