Monday, September 19, 2011

How to Build a Blog Hop: Part 3 "Linking"

(The 3rd in a series of posts about starting my own blog hop)

I'm ready for the linking mechanism (my term - I've no idea what it's actually called). I looked at a few and decided on Linky Tools because I just liked the way its creator, Brent Riggs, presented himself and his services. Turns out, he's the creator of blog hops!

It's free for a month but then costs $24 for a yearly subscription. It appears as though there are many cool features that help justify the cost. The problem for me is that I haven't monetized my blog - not selling or advertising anything. I haven't even begun reviewing products yet! It's just a great hobby. So I'm not sure I can justify paying for it. No matter, I do have a free trial for a month :)

Linky Tools has a tutorial that is really helpful to follow. I had this demonstration playing in one tab while I was on my Linky Tools Dashboard on another tab, so I could follow him as he spoke.

So now I am set up with a Linky! Next up? Whatever it is will be in Part 4.

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