Friday, September 23, 2011

"Kreativ Blogger Award" (Thanks GoToMommy!)

Leila, at Go To Mommy, has been so kind as to award me the Kreativ Blogger Award! I've enjoyed reading her posts and am honored that she likes reading mine as well.

The rules of the award state: Thank the person who gave you the award, share 7 things about yourself, and give the award to 7 blogs!

So, I'm going to change it up a bit (or not change it, depending on how you look at it) by seeing how much Leila and I have in common! Here are 7 things about me (be sure to look at Leila's list and compare - I was surprised!):
  1. I'm pretty transparent. Now you have to factor in the fact that, being a Southern girl, I'll go around the world to preserve your feelings, but I'm quite certain I give away much of what I think and feel in my expressions.
  2. In my married life we have lived in 5 homes.
  3. I love animals that belong to other people ;)
  4. Tattoos and piercings? NO WAY! Two holes - in my ears - is enough!
  5. I LOVE TO SING! Accolades include being in the state honor chorus and being named most talented senior girl in high school. Not quite resume quality material, but they're fond memories!
  6. I like batch cooking because I don't really like to cook. I do like to bake, but I can't decorate cakes at all!!!
  7. Crafting...hmmm...I do like it, but I never feel that the end result is what was intended :)
The blogs I love to read and feel deserve this award are...
    1. Lap Dog Knits
    2. Pickle Jars and Pears
    3. Answers from the Queen of Useless Information
    4. Busy Mom's Tips
    5. Musings of a Bored Housewife
    6. Domestic Imperfections
    7. Pattyville


Lap Dog Knits said...

Thank you so much!! That is so sweet of you to think of me and give me this award.

I'll pass along to 7 others and list 7 things about myself (is that right? I need to read the rules again)

Thank you for sharing your life - there is a reason we've met and I'm very grateful!!

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll pop back soon.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you so much for the award! Hope you have a wonderful blessed weekend!

Ali's Answers said...

Thanks for the award! I will pass it on!
I am following back! Happy Weekend!

Michelle Brown said...

Thank you so much for this award. I am definitely honored.

I have passed it on!

Briana@SweetCGrace said...

Thanks for the follow! Following back! Sorry it took me so long - I was at an adoption conference all weekend! Playing catch-up now. I love your blog header - it's so cute and colorful1 :)