Friday, March 16, 2012

IMO: My favorite kitchen gadget

IMO Fridays: 100% unsolicited reviews about things that are wonderful ("In My Opinion").  I've no relationship with the makers of these products.

Which of you ever thinks, "I need a new can opener. Wonder which one is Mikki's favorite?" No, no, don't leave yet! There's possibly a cool by-product that comes from using this device!

Smooth Edge Can Opener
After purchasing a smooth-edge can opener only to find that it took the top of the can off by slicing it below the lip, leaving a wickedly sharp can AND lid, I resolved that this type of can opener was a fraud.

Later, a friend told me about her Pampered Chef can opener. She'd had it for a long time and really liked, so I purchased one too and have enjoyed using it for over a year now. The lids are sort of pried off, separating the lid from the can and leaving a truly smooth edge. It never touches the contents of the can, so there's no gunky buildup around the gear thingy. It's my favorite can opener ever, and it's not even electric!
Interestingly, this gadget has "opened up" a new world of crafting for me. Every time I open a can, I wash it and set it aside for an upcoming craft. "What craft?" you might ask. Ummm... I haven't figured that out yet. So far, we've used one for a science experiment. But I did find these ideas...
I'd love to hear your ideas for using them! 


Kristi said...

Ooo! I have one of these can openers but I never thought about the craft potential!! I'll be saving my cans now!!!

Crack You Whip said...

I have to say those are some interesting craft ideas!

Mikki said...

@Kristi: There's this twinge of excitement I get when I peel the label from a can I've just opened. What design wll be on the can? Will the metal be mottled or super shiny? Weird, I know, but talk bout a cheap hobby!

@Crack You Whip: Aren't they? The planter is so pretty without any added decoration. Does that even constitute a craft?

Victoria M said...

I really like the hanging planter! That is a cute way to reuse/recycle thanks for the idea.
Victoria @Easy2SaveBlog

Carole said...

Nice post. You might like Finally A Can Opener that Works and Keeps on Working