Monday, October 3, 2011

Driving Home (Old School Style)

As I was packing my tribe in the car to head home from church one Sunday night, I realized how delightfully cool it had turned out and announced we were driving home "old school" style. I can't express how tickled my babes were as the cool night air whipped their hair and blew through the car. It also brought back memories of things I'd long forgotten in the years I'd had the luxury of fully functioning AC in my car, like the sound of crickets and even streetlamps, if you'd come to a stop. I also remembered how, if it was REALLY hot, you dreaded stopping at stop lights and could hardly wait to get the "central air" flowing again! Ahhh, the good old days :) 


Unknown said...

Following you from Blog Hop!

Love the blog, have a great day!
Kati Junes

Mikki said...

Great to meet you Kati! I'm now following your blog on GFC.